Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Die Cut Fabric Flowers Collage

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Get A Haircut :)
I am not big on getting haircuts.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe a part of it is feeling like I don't really have a hair "style" and that my hair can just grow and still work for me.  My hair is actually naturally curly and when I am at home I have a tendency to just throw it up in a bun and not worry about it (I am definitely not a walking fashion statement when I am at home and spending time in the craft room!).  When I travel for work my routine is to straighten my hair.  It's almost a part of the "costume" that I put on for my work.  When I'm home I'm in the most comfy clothes I can find (and clothes that I can get paint or ink on and not worry about it).  When I am away and working I put on the "professional" costume - and it feels like my hair needs to change to go with the "mask" of "professional me."  It is also a lot easier to deal with straight hair when I'm on the road since I can straighten it once and then go a few days without washing it and still have it look just fine.  Anyway, I finally reached the point of feeling like I had too many split ends and was just "over" my hair so I finally made my yearly haircut appointment...although I hazard to say it had been quite a bit over a year since my last one...you can imagine the split ends!  Today I am sitting here with shoulder-length curly hair and it feels sooooo good!  The spring is back in my hair and my step :)  Sometimes all it takes is a little haircut to feel refreshed and energized!  Hopefully I won't have to put my costume back on too soon :)
Today's collage is another fabric flower play piece :)  I took fabric, die cut it with the Big Shot, and then "dyed" it using all different colors of ink mixed with water and applied with small spray bottles.  I then combined the fabric flowers with paper flowers, some real twigs and some hand-cut and sewn designer paper leaves.  This collage makes me smile when I look at it :)  I hope you like it! :)

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