Monday, July 04, 2011

More Of My Collage Journey

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Sometimes I Need To Take A Break From Technology
When I find myself obsessively checking email or, the local news or facebook, I KNOW that it is time to take a break from technology.  I get caught in these cycles of mindlessly going through a routine of checking a certain number of sites and I am literally numb while doing it.  It's just habitual and I don't walk away feeling like I've grown or used my time wisely.  So today (Monday), I am taking a technology break.  I am writing this post and the post for Tuesday on Sunday evening as I listen to the far off popping sounds from the 4th of July fireworks in the neighborhood.  Sometimes I just need to take a break from technology and try to find my center again.
Today's collage is a part of my continued journey with creating art that is not in the form of cards.  Here I combined old dictionary pages, paint, gesso, stencils, ribbon, die cut fabric, glitter, found objects.  If you look closely, you can probably identify the Stampin' Up! products (I am still in love with those adorable Sweet Pea felt embellishments :)  I hope my time off from cards is not disturbing for you if you tend to stop by here for card samples.  My hope is that these collages will provide you inspiration - whether that inspiration is how to translate an idea to a card or whether the collage makes you take out a canvas or a wooden board and give collage a try! :)  I hope you are inspired in some way and remember, the beauty is in the process :)

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