Friday, July 01, 2011

Work In Progress

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  I, Like My Art, Am A Work In Progress!
Four Ways Friday will be back next week.  This week I've been trying to bust through the limits I have set for myself and my art.  Consequently, I have been spending time making art other than cards.  What I am learning through this experience is that I continue to be a work in progress - just like my art making! :)  I am learning to be patient with myself as I play with new and different materials; as I work with new and different shapes and sizes; as I work with a different rhythm and flow.  I have been enjoying the journey - it has taken me out of my comfort zone and into the unknown.  I am not a finished work of art and neither is this piece I am sharing with you today - we both have a long way to go! :)
Today's collage-in-the-making was inspired, once again, by my favorite place on earth - the backyard!  We have blue jays that come to visit almost every day.  They have trained us very well!  When they arrive in the afternoon, they announce their arrival with loud cawing and then wait for us to respond by going outside and bringing them peanuts and seed :)  I love that this gorgeous bird has been able to domesticate us! :)  I began with a primed canvas and added flexible modeling paste using sequin waste as a stencil.  I then added gesso and strips of paper to the background.  Next came some embossed foil that I ran through the Big Shot with the Petals-A-Plenty embossing folder.  I then painted the foil with gesso and sanded it and then snipped it into little strips and added it to the canvas using gel medium.  Next came the addition of the stick.  The flowers were made quite awhile back - I guess they knew better why I was making them!  The minute I looked around the craft room and saw them I knew they were meant to be on this canvas!  The flowers were made with die cut metal and bottle caps colored with alcohol ink.  They were attached to the canvas with gel medium.  The bird began as a laser printed picture of a blue jay.  I cut it out and then covered it with tissue paper and then a coating of gesso.  Next I used acrylic glaze to turn it blue and followed that with some charcoal pencil and black pan pastel to add details and dimension.  He was adhered to a plastic piece and then adhered to the canvas.  I am not sure what I will do my own life or with respect to this piece! :)  It is the unknown that is actually welcoming me - inviting me to play!  I'll share the finished piece with you once it unfolds!  Have a beautiful, creative, fulfilling weekend!!!!!!  (p.s.  Don't forget!  You can start ordering from the new Stampin' Up! catalog today!!!!!  Yeah!!!!!)

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