Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fifth Avenue Floral Card

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Study Something Up Close
We compost and, as a result, we often have little plants that sprout up in the garden that we didn't intentionally plant.  Somehow, in some miraculous way, the seeds from the different things we compost will survive the winter and some will take hold in the soil and grow.  We have been anxiously watching a green stalk grow up in the strawberry bed and had been wondering what in the heck it was!  Sometimes, we will satisfy our curiosity by not disturbing these renegade plants.  Rather, we will wait patiently to see what they are.  Well, look what popped open the other day in our strawberry bed...
What an amazing surprise!!!!!  We think it is some type of sunflower - just not the huge variety...and we have no earthly idea where the seed came from!  It's possible it was from a composted bouquet of flowers at some time during the winter.  It has been an adventure studying it up close - from the time it was just a green sprout in the ground.  It is changing every day - and we are changing each day with it!
Today's card is perfect for this flower - since it will live for awhile in our backyard and then, when it dies, it will find it's way back into the compost pile.  While, this flower will only live once (although we hope some of his seeds will find their way back into the garden next season, he has definitely done living right! :)  The card was made using the Fifth Avenue Floral stamp set.  I stamped the flower using Jet Black Staz-On onto Naturals Ivory card stock.  I then colored in the sections with two different colors of colored pencil.  I then glittered the lighter pink sections using dazzling diamonds.  The darker sections were enhanced with Crystal Effects.  I hope you like it :)

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