Monday, August 22, 2011

Friends 24-7 Scrap Card

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room: You Can Miss Beauty So Easily
I was out of town for a few days last week.  The drive to the airport turned out to be a learning experience for me.  I was driven to the airport and rode in the back seat of the car.  Once I was inside the airport I realized that I hadn't even looked up while I was in the backseat and so I totally missed one of the favorite things I enjoy about the drive to the airport - the amazing vista of the mountains to my left.  I couldn't believe I hadn't even caught a glimpse of the mountains!  Usually it is the one thing I anticipate on the drive!  I was fortunate when it turned out that the gate for my flight was at the end of a terminal.  And there, at the end of the terminal was a full wall of windows looking out onto those gorgeous mountains!  This time I got lucky.  What it made me realize is that you can miss beauty so easily if you don't pick your head up and look around you.  I know this is true when I walk with my head down on the sidewalk.  Now I know it is true when I am traveling in the backseat of a car.  From here on out I'm going to do all I can to keep my eyes open and take in the beauty around me!!!!
Today's little 3x3 card is a card that I put together using scraps on the craft table!  This is becoming one of my favorite things to do since I usually end up with a piece that I would never have created if I had set out with intent!  I used bits and pieces from die cuts and a cut out of the bird from Friends 24-7.  The greeting is from Elements of Style.  Life truly is a matter of moments - moments that we will miss if we don't open our eyes!

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