Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Large Scale Creativity!

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Take Your Creativity On A Large-Scale Experience!
I decided to share my latest large-scale creative experience with you today!  We have decided to paint the outside of our house - we figure it's cheaper than buying a new one :)  We want to give ourselves a bit of a home makeover - something fresh and cheerful.  So back and forth to the paint store we go...making our house into a bit of a color quilt with all of the sample colors!  This picture is after our latest paint color choices - we have already painted over a few of the "nope - can't live with a house that color!" colors :)  Today we started playing around with a few browner undertones, however I'm finding myself drawn to some of the yellow colors - something I would have found surprising had you asked me if I thought we would end up going in a yellow direction.  We are wanting to create an adobe-style look - maybe even with a bright blue or purple door!  It's fun...and a little frightening - to take your creativity on a large-scale experience!  Unlike a card or small canvas, which I can put aside if I decide it just didn't work - the house is a whole different story!  I'm hoping we'll find the color that speaks to our hearts and avoid the effort of having to repaint something that doesn't work!  Wish us luck!!!!!  I'll be sure to share our final choice and the "after" photos...although painting is going to take us a bit of time so you'll have to be patient ;)  How can you take your creativity on a large-scale experience?????  p.s. - that large window to the left of the ladder is the window to the craft room :)

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