Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Little More Progress!

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Sit With Your Art
I sometimes pressure myself to know exactly what I want to do next with my art.  The reality is, I don't know!  What I am learning, is that if I just sit with my art, the next step will come.  Sometimes it might be in a few seconds...or a few months!  I am finding that I am enjoying having a number of pieces "in process" at the same time.  That way, when I get stuck or when I just have to wait for a piece to dry, I can keep moving forward with whatever whispers to me.  I am learning to sit with my art and wait for it to speak to me.
I made a bit more progress on this piece that I shared with you yesterday.  The first thing I added was some gold acrylic paint to the raised images that were stenciled using modeling paste.  Then I decided glitter was definitely in order, so I added some green and blue glitter glues and smooshed them around with my finger on the canvas part of the piece.  Then came some additional inspiration - the desire to add more butterflies.  So, I die cut them out of white organza:
Next I dipped them in diluted fabric stiffener so that I could give the a bit of shape.  I draped them on some wooden skewers that I stuck in a piece of styrofoam:
Once they were dry (it didn't take too long since Denver is dry and the organza is quite thin), I decided to spritz them and paint them with a number of different products (I did use some champagne shimmer mist paint that I had mixed with alcohol and I also used a number of non Stampin' Up! products).  I then attached them to the canvas using matte medium.  Here's what the piece looks like now - I wish you could see all the sparkle from the glitter!
The piece hasn't told me that it is done yet, so I will continue to sit with it and see if it pushes me further.  I hope you are enjoying sharing this process with me as it unfolds.  There is something beautiful about sharing this piece in this way - like the butterfly emerging from the cocoon, this piece is emerging from inside of me in its own right time.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Michelle. Sorry I didn't see yesterday's post earlier, to respond (I was very surprised to see my name on your blog!). Since you asked, I thought the colours on your canvas were nice, and I liked the texture, but the background didn't seem balanced with your focal piece.

Oh, but today....the gold on the stencilling and the butterflies...well, they made my heart flutter! Yesterday, the focal piece sat on top of the canvas; now, it feels nestled into it. Does that make sense?

I first came to your blog to find inspiration for my card making. But I've discovered so much more. Your words of wisdom are always thought-provoking, and your art is truly amazing. Thanks for sharing your immense talent and heart with us.