Thursday, January 26, 2012

Artistic Etchings Painted Tag

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Don't Cry Over Spilled Paint
I got into quite the groove while I was creating this tag!  I began with a blank vintage tag and started stenciling and spraying and stamping and dripping.  It was incredibly meditative and thoughtful.  Then I had the great idea to add some Frost White shimmer paint to give the card an interesting sheen.  Well, it was a great idea...until my attention was diverted for a second and the next thing I knew I had knocked over the little jar of precious paint and it was running all over the craft table, my tag and me!  I don't know if you've seen the movie Goldfinger?  The old James Bond flick where one of the bond girls is covered in gold spray paint?  Well, I wasn't that covered, but my hands were!  I looked like Frost White shimmer girl! :)  I will confess to having had a few expletives erupt from my lips, but in a few seconds I had calmed myself down and began trying to push and scrape the precious paint back into the little jar.  I also began smearing my fingers all over the tag - which smeared and smudged the ink I had just stamped.  I kept smearing and smudging until I got most of the paint off of my craft table and hands and then I went and washed the remainder off of my hands.  When I got back to the tag I was actually struck by how interesting the surface now looked.  Of course it was nothing like I had planned...but it was perfect :)  It took awhile for all that paint to dry and, once it did, I began adding on top of this new shimmer surface.  I heat embossed and inked and dripped and once again found myself back in my meditative place.  I am actually quite pleased with how this tag turned out.  I was able to incorporate that yummy Blushing Bride pleated ribbon and a bit of the specialty paper from the Flirtatious designer series paper.  I even added a touch of pearls and lace and a scalloped edge made with the new Adorning Accents edgelits dies.  What I really learned though is to not cry over spilled paint...just go with it and enjoy the ride :)
Here is a close up of part of the tag:

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Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful tag! Love the colours and images!! This must be really shimmery, in person. Hope you were able to get the paint off your fingers and table! Have a wonderful weekend!! Doris