Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Foam Fortune Cookie With Stamped Fortune & Video!!!!

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Are You Listening To What They Are Trying To Sell You?
I'm not sure why I was paying attention - usually I tune out during commercials when I'm watching tv.  But for some reason, I was paying attention to the two commercials that came on the other day.  The first was for Campbell's Soup.  And do you know what that commercial said?!  Let me quote, "Nothing brings you together like chicken noodle soup from Campbell's!"  Really?!?!  Are we supposed to believe that!  That there is nothing that can bring a family together like that product?????  It got better - next came the commercial for Overstock.com.  (and I actually have to admit to having purchased something from O.co prior to seeing this commercial).  I started laughing when I heard what that commercial said.  Let me quote again, "You'll find everything you need for a healthier, happier year!"  Really?!?!  Everything I need for a healthier, happier year!!!!  Hmmm - let me see what would be on my list - health for my family, peace in the world - or at least a tolerance for one another, regular exercise, a positive attitude toward what life will bring me in the coming year...do they really sell that on Overstock.com?!  I don't think so!  So how have commercials become so ridiculous?  Or maybe we have become a bit ridiculous by believing that a product, whatever it is, can bring us together like nothing else or can be everything we need for a healthier, happier year.  As long as you're listening, here's what I'm selling...I'm selling the belief that our connection, health and happiness is not achieved through something we can buy on-line or in a store.  It is found, instead, within ourselves and in our relationship with others.  (ps.  I want to thank you Doris for your amazing comment yesterday - it means so much to me and really supports today's lesson - I so appreciate the relationship you are sharing with me - it is a part of what is creating my healthy, happy year!).
Here is a video to show you how I created this foam fortune cookie with a stamped fortune!  They look good enough to eat! (but please don't...how's that for a legal disclaimer :)  Enjoy!!!!

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Lorraine said...

How fun! You're right, what a sweet little gift this would make. And wouldn't it be great if we could be commercial-free?