Thursday, May 03, 2012

On A Roll...Literally :)

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Listen To The Whispers
If you joined me yesterday, you know that toilet paper rolls have started speaking to me!  (I had the funniest comment from Doris on my blog yesterday - totally made me smile - thank you Doris!!!!)  Well, once I started listening to what those toilet paper rolls were telling me, they decided that they needed to tell me more!  So this afternoon, when I found myself back in the bathroom and another toilet paper roll came to its end, it whispered to me, "Hey!  Don't recycle me!  You can use me too!!!!  You can treat me like fabric if you want!!!!"  How could I not listen???  So off we went into the craft room - that roll and I - and we began to play!  I cut open the roll and cut it into pieces and then crimped, crimped, crimped!  I think the roll thought it was in a beauty salon because it then said to me, "Hey!  A crimped style isn't enough!  I need a color too!"  So out came the Soft Suede ink and a sponge and we did a bit of coloring.  Well then that darn roll wanted a weave too!  The best I could do was take it over to the sewing machine and start weaving all the pieces together with thread.  I added a few corners of hand-sewn twine for an added touch.  The greeting is from Loving Thoughts (I know it just retired, but I love this set and its sentiments, so I'm keeping it around :)  I added some eyelets and then added it to the sewn panel with dimensionals.  The whole panel was then popped up onto a Crumb Cake card base with dimensionals and I added a bit of Soft Suede spritz with the spritzer tool.  My advice from this whole experience?  Listen to the whispers...especially if they are coming from your toilet paper rolls ;)


Lorraine said...

This is definitely a bit of recycling magic!

Lucy said...

The texture you got from the toilet paper roll and the "beauty treatment" you put it through definitely made it worth upcycling. Loving it!