Tuesday, May 01, 2012

A To Z Baby Card

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  A Lifetime of Possibility Is Waiting For Me!
This past weekend I was once again struck by the fact that it would take multiple lifetimes for me to try to unleash the creative possibility in everything that already exists in my craft room (and the overflow craft storage I have in the basement...and garage...oops!).  If I did not purchase another item, I could keep myself busy with what I have for as long as I live.  That's not to say that I won't want to purchase something else.  It is to say that I really don't need to.  So how long can I go with just utilizing what I have?  That is the true question.  Can I look at everything in my life and think about how I can repurpose it into a piece of art?  As I mentioned yesterday I was very inspired by Daniella Woolf and her use of her shredded journal pages in her art.  It got me thinking about old notebooks I have from my years of education.  Somehow I have never been able to throw them away - they took so much time to put together and represent so many hours of my life.  However, after seeing her video I have begun thinking about ways I might incorporate them into art pieces - this could prove to be interesting! :)  As for my craft purchases, I know that I will allow myself to buy more things.  Saying I won't is not something I am ready to do (yes, it is a bit of an addiction and a way that I "reward" myself for doing some other things in my life that don't create as much pleasure for me).  I do want those purchase decisions to be very conscious choices though.  And I want to make sure I am unleashing some of the creative potential that is waiting for me here at home!!!!
Today's card was created to accompany the sign I made for my new cousin Maxwell :)  I used the soon-to-be retired A to Z background stamp and the "baby" greeting from Tiny Tags.  I used Bashful Blue ink and added some punched brushed silver card stock stars.  The adhesive rhinestones add a touch of shine.  I hope he likes it :)


TiaraHelen said...

Michelle, you are scaring me. Your musings are so like my musings, it's spooky.

I love the idea of re-purposing some exercise books. And I'm relieved to hear you haven't put a ban on buying fresh stuff. I sometimes promise myself I won't buy anything for a while, but as I know in my heart that it's not a true commitment, it just creates conflict in my head! I run some crafting classes and I find it's a great way of using up papers that aren't my favourites any more, and IT MAKES ROOM FOR MORE STASH!

Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

Helen x

Lorraine said...

I wonder that you were continuing our conversation in your head as I have been. I may try to go back to my Thursday's Throwaways to use up some of my "accumulation". With new products coming soon I'm going to have to try to make better choices. This will be a challenge in itself. This card is so sweet and is perfect to accompany the sign.