Monday, August 27, 2012

Coloring Dazzling Diamonds Glitter: A Video!!!

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Some Things You Learn Best By Doing
I'm not suggesting you try skiing from a helicopter without any form of instruction!  What I am suggesting is that some things you learn best by just sitting down and giving them a try.  Sometimes I think telling ourselves, "I don't know how to ______" is a way to keep ourselves from even trying.  Fill in the blank with whatever you have kept yourself from doing artistically - I don't know how to ______ (draw, paint, sketch, take pictures, make a card, collage..).  If you can pick up a pen, pencil, brush, glue and use it, then there is a lot you CAN do.  I'm not saying you will love what you create the first time.  I'm not saying you will even be willing to share it with another human being or even your cat, dog or fish.  What I am saying is that if you can pick up the pen, pencil, brush or glue then do so...and be willing to see what happens.  I know one thing - your inner critic will definitely show up and try to deter your efforts.  You call that a picture of a person?!  You call that art?!  Who gave you permission to give that a try - you're making me cringe!  Yup - the inner critic will do what it does best - try to deter you.  I think he gets points for every time he can deter someone from stretching their limits, going outside their comfort zone, demonstrating a willingness to try.  Well you show that inner critic that he ain't gonna get points from you!!!!!!  Just do it!!!!  And then do it again...and again...and again.  Soon you might actually find bits and pieces to smile about.  Maybe even a drawing that you want to share with someone else (or your cat).  One day maybe you'll decide to read a book on it or take a class on it or watch a video on it.  But before you do.  Before you watch someone who creates end products that you can't even imagine you can create right now...pick up those supplies or tools and try it.  Some things you learn best by just doing...and doing...and doing :)
If you have ever wanted glitter to coordinate with your cards or papercrafting projects, this video is for you!!!!  Learn how to color your Dazzling Diamonds Glitter to make whatever color you choose!  Enjoy!!!

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Anonymous said...

My inner critic has deterred me from even attempting many creative things over the years. It doesn't help that she and I are both perfectionists, so I tend to agree with her far too often. Thanks for the great life lesson, Michelle. Great video! I was wondering why I saved all those empty jars; now I have a great use for them. :-) --Doris