Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Out On A Whim Wednesday: Rainbow Man Paper Cut

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Let Nature Captivate You
There are always birds in our backyard.  But I wasn't expecting to see the bird that I saw when I looked out the window the other day.  Here is what was looking back at me...
We will see hawks fly to our backyard on occasion.  They are usually there to hunt - looking for mice and small birds.  You may notice, if you look closely enough, that this hawk had caught a small bird.  At first I was upset - after all, we have created a beautiful sanctuary in the backyard for the birds to come and eat seeds.  This hawk decided we had created a beautiful restaurant for him as well!  I accept that this is nature at work - the food chain playing itself out in our backyard.  And then I became fascinated by this beautiful hawk.  I ran and got the binoculars and, knowing that the small bird was already gone, I sat there and watched as this hawk dined.  It was captivating to me.  I thought I would be grossed out, but watching his amazing feathers, talons, beak - it was breathtaking.  Of course, when he finished his dinner and started looking around the backyard again, I decided it was time to go outside to let him know there was a one-bird limit in our yard and that he would just have to go somewhere else to hunt for the night!  This experience was a highlight of my day - allowing nature to just captivate me.
Today's Out On A Whim Wednesday card was created for Michael.  He had been taken to dinner by some friends who are enamored with Native American jewelry so he asked me to make a thank you note for him.  The image is of a Rainbow Man.  I took a picture of a Rainbow Man pin and used it as the basis for creating this papercut.  I used a hobby blade and Basic Black card stock.  I also used my paper piercing tool for creating small holes (which are very difficult to see in the photograph).  I've been enjoying getting to know the art of papercutting.  It is opening a whole new world to me :)  You might enjoy it too! :)

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Lorraine said...

Your card is awesome. I'm sure they'll be quite pleased with it. I like to believe that the only reason that the hawk caught that little bird is because there was something wrong with it. We have several juvenile hawks in our neighborhood that making their screeching sound a lot not realizing that it's a warning to the birds. But it does distress our cockatiel in the house when he hears it because I think he feels he can't get away.