Monday, September 03, 2012

Every Little Bit Get Well Card

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  I Used To Be Afraid Of Bees
I have never been stung by a bee.  At least not to my knowledge.  A friend of mine used to carry around a special "pen" when we were young.  She said that if she ever got stung by a bee she needed to prick herself with the pen - that it had some magic inside that would keep her from dying from the bee sting.  Maybe that's why I grew up being afraid.  My relationship with bees has changed in the backyard.  We are friends - the bees and I.  We have a shallow dish that we have placed on top of an upside down planter.  We fill it with water and have placed some small rocks in the center so the bees can stand and gather the water they need to bring back to the hive.  There are times that a bee will find it's way into the water.  It's not a good thing for bees - they cannot survive in the water and will drown.  So, when we pass by the shallow dish and notice a bee, motionless, in the water, we reach in and place the bee on our hand.  Michael did this before me - maybe that's where I began to learn to not be afraid.  It is amazing to watch so many of these motionless bees come to life again.  Most of them do.  They begin slowly - moving a leg or two.  Then, the more they sit on my palm, the more they begin to dry off and the more they move - preening themselves like cats.  Drying off all the soggy areas.  So methodical.  The first time I felt a bee start to fan it's wings in my hand it was a bit startling.  After all, I was supposed to be afraid.  But I watched in fascination as the wings dried in the wind.  As the tiny hairs on the bees head began to define themselves in the sun.  And finally, sometimes after 20 minutes of preening on the hand, the bee will lift off and fly away.  I used to be afraid of bees.  Now they are my friends.  I hope they won't sting!
My friend asked if I could put together a get well card for her mom.  Her mom loves dogs and so I went to the only current dog stamp I have - the puppy in Every Little Bit :)  If you have a few moments to cut out and color these adorable images, you can put together quick and easy cards that are sure to bring a smile :)  A piece of Bashful Blue card stock and a torn piece of designer series paper (brights pattern stack) create the background.  I used my scallop circle punch to create the clouds and added a bit of sparkle with dazzling diamonds glitter.   The greeting is from Teeny Tiny Wishes.  Hope it helps here feel better :)

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Lorraine said...

How fascinating. I don't know if I would be daring enough to do that, but I would love to watch it. This is a cute card. Made me smile.