Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Out On A Whim Wednesday: Polymer Clay Switch Plate

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Turn Around!
On Sunday evening we went for a walk with Buddy.  It had rained briefly and the pavement was shining.  As we were walking around the park we heard noise that sounded a bit like a transformer exploding!  It was a little strange since the neighborhood seemed quiet otherwise.  I started to look around and finally turned around and WOW!  The sky was a brilliant mix of colors and sparkles!  They were fireworks not too far away!  So off we trotted, to another park that is close to our house - using the fireworks as a beacon.  When we got beyond the trees at the edge of the park it was as if a private fireworks display was being put on for us!  So close and so bright!  It was amazing!  I am still all giddy inside as I'm writing this! :)  The park sits on a hill so on clear days you can see for miles - the mountains in the distance.  From this vantage point we watched until the first fireworks show was over and then another one began - far off to our left.  We watched for a bit and then took another route out of the park going down a hill.  I turned around again to look back and the hill obstructed the view of the fireworks.  Oh well.  But as we kept walking I heard another "boom!"  This one seemed louder.  So I turned around again and caught a gorgeous, huge circle of green sparkle behind a really large circle of red sparkle.  Yet another fireworks show had begun!  Be willing to turn around.  Maybe what's behind you needs to be front and center!!!!
For today's Out On A Whim Wednesday I decided to share the switch plate that adorns the light switch in my craft room.  I made this switch plate ages ago and it still makes me smile every time I turn on and off the light.  I used a metal switch plate as a template and as a surface for baking the polymer clay.  The clay was stamped with a variety of stamps (this was prior to my introduction to Stampin' Up!...the wheels are already turning on using my SU! stamps with polymer clay!).  I added some metallic powder to add a bit of shine.  I hope this inspires you to go out on a whim! :)

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Lorraine said...

Another great lesson. Your switch plate is pretty cool. I recently found a new shop that does classes and we worked with polymer clay making molds and charms. You've just given me another project possibility.