Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Folds: Matchbook Post-It Note Holder

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  It Takes A Series Of Links To Make A Chain Of Events
A frantic call tonight from our neighbor - to please go over to her house to help her husband.  Michael grabbed some surgical pads we had from the vet and said something about the dogs being bit.  He just got back a few minutes ago and shared the story.  Our neighbor's dogs somehow got out of the house - there have been some workers doing some painting in the house, so that's the best guess as to how the dogs got out.  They are two small, older dogs - Buddy's best friends.  Somehow those two little dogs were put by someone into the fenced yard of a home a few doors down (even though they wear tags that have their address on them).  There is a large shephard that lives there - a dog they had never met.  When our friend's husband arrived home a neighbor said, "I think your dogs are next door at the next neighbor's house.  Did you know they were there?"  Our friend immediately ran over to that fenced-in yard and opened the gate.  His two dogs ran out and when he got a close look at them they both had multiple bite wounds covering their small bodies.  The good news is that right now they seem like they are going to be okay - although they are pretty shaken up.  They were already on antibiotics from a recent teeth cleaning so that is also good news.  As we are sitting here reflecting on how this all happened we began to string together all of the points in the series of events - all of the "links" where something different could have happened, but didn't.  How this particular chain of events might have been different if different actions were taken or omitted.  It is how everything happens in this world - a series of links in a chain.  I walk away from this series of events hoping that I will think about the impact my link might have on a series.  To think about what assumptions I am making and to test those assumptions.  It's easy to resort to trying to find blame - to try to figure out who is at fault for what happened today.  And yet it is not one link that made up this chain - is was a series.  In some way, we all have responsibility for what we did and did not do.  I sit here wondering why I didn't get the urge to take Buddy for an extra walk today - maybe we would have seen or heard something that could have made a difference.  I just hope Buddy's friend and the shepherd are all okay and that all of us humans learn something from the chain.
Today's Friday Folds project is a holder for a pad of Post-It notes!  I found the instructions at SCS here and did a little improvising :)  I used Soft Suede card stock along with Comfort Cafe designer series paper.  The "take note" is from Notably Ornate (retired).  What a cute way to store your sticky notes :)  Here are a few more photos:

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