Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Out On A Whim Wednesday: Chaos & Care

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  If You Pull The Thread, The Knitting Will Unravel
It began with a new paper organizer.  So innocent - that cardboard sorter to place my card stock.  But somehow that one innocent organizer created major chaos in the craft room.  After all, once the card stock looked so good it made other things look like such a wreck!  So then it started - I pulled on the thread a little more - unraveling another area of the craft room...then chaos!  There is not a stitch of creating that can be done in that room right now...although the unraveling has almost finished :)  Throw into the mix an unexpected trip to the vet with Buddy yesterday due to a puncture wound on his back right hind leg and now you have Chaos & Care for the day :)  I will be back tomorrow - hopefully with a few different "C" words - calm, content, and crafting!!!!  I hope you have a beautiful day!!!!!  Remember, if you pull the thread, the knitting will unravel...and sometimes that's a very good thing :)

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Anonymous said...

Hope Buddy is feeling better today. When your threads unravel, you think of "C" words. When mine unravel, my mind wanders to a different letter of the alphabet. :-P Can't wait to hear about (maybe see??) your reorganized crafting room. I do hope all that work leads to calm, content and crafting. Wishing healing for Buddy and satisfaction for you. --Doris