Friday, December 07, 2012

Friday Folds: Christmas Cracker

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  When I compare the state of the weather to our state of mind and our circumstances, subject to change and fluctuation like the weather, then I still have some hope that things may get better.  - Vincent van Gogh
 How is it that words written 130 years ago by Vincent van Gogh can feel the same as the words a good friend would share with me sitting next to me?  I am so grateful that van Gogh's letters to his brother Theo were preserved and published because I am finding a friend in van Gogh's words...let alone his drawings and paintings.  Yes, when I am feeling down I need to remember that, like the weather, my mood will likely fluctuate.  Or, as my mom likes to say, "This too shall pass."  I've actually been feeling pretty good lately - content in my life - grateful for all that I have (except for the piles of papers cluttering my work spaces ;)  And I am so grateful to have found such a special friend in van Gogh :)
I am so excited about today's project for Friday Folds!  I found out how to make this Christmas cracker as a member of Paper Crafter's Library!  During the Christmas season you can sign up for free for the 12 weeks of Christmas program!  (you can still sign up for the final week)!  Projects are sent to you once a week and you can access videos and pdf files of the projects for one week.  After that time, the projects remain available only if you are a member of Paper Crafter's Library.  This Christmas cracker begins with a toilet paper roll!!!!!  You adhered folded (that's why this project is shared as part of Friday Folds) and fringed tissue paper to the ends and you can fill it with whatever you like (mine has 6 mini candy canes inside!).  You can then decorate as you wish!  Here I used Festival of Prints designer paper along with stamps from Priority Mail and No Peeking.  A bit of stitched Gumball Green ribbon finishes the cracker!  I hope you like it!  A special thank you to Andrea Walford and Paper Crafter's Library for sharing this adorable idea!!!!

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