Monday, January 07, 2013

Coloring Fabric With Watercolor Wonder Crayons: A Video

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Let Your Mind Explore "What If?"
I love it when I allow my mind to ask and explore "What if?"  That's how I led myself to today's project and to last week's Encaustic Fun video.  I started looking at my Watercolor Wonder crayons and thinking about the different ways we played with crayons as kids.  I remembered melting the crayons to create drip candles and then my mind went to thinking about the crayons as being made of wax...which made me think of encaustics...and I began to wonder - "What if you melted the Watercolor Wonder crayons?"  "How would you melt the crayons?"  "What different ways could you heat or melt them and still have them remain intact for other projects?"  I then began to think about the different surfaces you could melt wax on and also thought a bit about batik and began to wonder, "What if you used Watercolor Wonder crayons on fabric?"  "Could you color on the fabric?"  "Could you apply the color in such a way that it would stay on the fabric?"  I'm realizing now why these crayons aren't just called Watercolor Crayons....It's because they really make me "WONDER!" :)  Choose an item in your craft room...let your mind explore "What if?" and see where it takes you! :)
Today I'd like to share a video of 2 different techniques for using your Watercolor Wonder crayons to color/dye fabric!  Have fun!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

You're having just too much fun with your crayons!! I took mine out for the first time, in a long time, and noticed that my Tempting Turquoise has taken on a strange consistency. It's not as solid as the other crayons, and it's hard to colour with. :-( Love your videos, Michelle. It's like getting a private class with you! --Doris