Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Out On A Whim Wednesday: Art Journal Entry #3

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  At some point in the process of creation the creative product - whether painting, poem, or scientific theory - takes on a life of its own and transmits its own needs to its creator.  It stands apart from him and summons material from his subconscious.  The creator, then, must know when to cease directing his work and when to allow it to direct him.  He must know, in short, when his work is likely to be wiser than he."  -George Kneller
This is what I love about this art journaling process.  It brings me to the point where the pages take on a life of their own and start communicating with me.  The pages direct me what to do next and I simply let go and let them lead...

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TiaraHelen said...

This is beautiful Michelle and your description of it is inspiring. I love the thought that you're drawing out threads from your subconscious while you're creating.

Could this be your "connection" piece?