Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Penant Parade Mouse Thumbprint Card

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Notice What Brings Lightness To Your Soul
I've been on a bit of an archaeological dig these past few weeks and I've gotta say I haven't been very successful.  What I'm looking for are the relics of who I am.  I'm not sure where I buried myself along the way, but for some reason I feel quite out of touch with what I want and who I am.  A lot of this has been brought up as we contemplate the possibility of moving to the Colorado mountains.  I know that when I was up in the mountains over the weekend, looking at the amazing scenery, I felt a lightness in my soul that I hadn't felt in awhile.  Could it be as simple as paying attention to what brings lightness v. heaviness to my soul?  Yes, as I look out the window of my craft room toward the small city oasis we have created in the backyard, I also feel lightness.  It is nature that I am drawn to - no matter where I am living.  I need to keep digging to see if I can figure out what choices to make.  In the meantime, I will notice what brings lightness to my soul because whatever I do, I need to nurture and sustain that :)
Speaking of lightness to my soul, I am having a lot of fun playing with my fingers are cards!  Today I created a small little love note (3x3) using a River Rock thumb print and some added permanent black marker doodles :)  I also used the sentiment stamp from Pennant Parade.  This is a great little love card to leave on a pillow when I head out on my travels :)  If you love River Rock, don't forget that this color is being discontinued as part of the Stampin' Up! color refresh and will only be available while supplies last!  Don't miss your chance to stock up on your favorites before they disappear!!!!  You can shop HERE if you would like :)

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Anonymous said...

Your thumbprint birds were very cute, but this little mouse is absolutely adorable! Can't wait to see what else you find at the tip of your fingers. ;-)

Your daily lesson has resonated with me (as usual); I've come to realize (with dismay) that I don't often feel a lightness in my soul these days. That's something to be aware of when it happens, and to cherish and nurture. Wishing you much love and success as you continue your archeological dig. --Doris