Monday, August 26, 2013

Stamped Simply Pressed Clay Fish Card

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Reach Out And Let Someone Know You Appreciate Them
I am happy to report that my willpower seems to be working and I haven't checked CNN, People or the local news since I last wrote that I was going to do my best to stop wasting precious moments with senseless surfing :)  In case you are worried that I have my head in the sand, it seems that any piece of news I need to know is brought to me in some other way.  It's been wonderful triumphing over this addiction and one of the nicest benefits is that the time I was spending senselessly surfing is now being put to much better use.  Yes, I have been using some of those moments to create and I have been using some of the moments to appreciate what I experience.  I wrote Serena Barton an email after being so inspired by her book Wabi-Sabi Workshop.  I wrote the corporate offices of Salata to let them know how much I appreciated the amazing service provided to me by their employee Nicholas in their Ft. Worth location (and I let Nicholas know I was going to send the note).  I emailed my swimming coach to let her know how much I appreciate all she puts into our lessons and how motivated I am as a result.  And, I have sat in the park with Buddy - not in a rush to do anything else - and we have just appreciate our time together and the activity of the squirrels in the park :)  One lesson I am learning as I try to beat this addiction is the power of reaching out and letting someone know you appreciate them.  The energy you get back when you take the time to do this is incredible!  I highly recommend it! :)  Psst...for those of you reading this...I appreciate you!!!!  Thank you so much for your comments and your support!!!! :)
Today's card resulting from my experimenting with stamping into Simply Pressed Clay.  I've been playing around with stamping, coloring and combining to create embellishments for my cards.  This fish was stamped, the background colored and then I added a cut out stamped fish face (yes, those are grid lines that you are seeing - I just cut up an image that I stamped off onto grid paper).  The fish face was then glued to the clay embellishment.  I'll be sharing a few more of my experiment results with you this week and if you want to be able to watch videos on the techniques I'm sharing this week (Stamping Simply Pressed Clay, Embossing Simply Pressed Clay, Coloring Simply Pressed Clay, and a few others), head on over to Paper Crafter's Library and look into subscribing!  I am a Designer/Educator for them and continue to add videos, projects and step-by-step directions to their amazing papercrafting library!

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Lorraine said...

Good for you! Love the card. You have a special way of getting all those wonderful elements together to make something spectacular.