Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Tree Ornament/Gift Tag

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Dogs Know Best :)
Scattered.  Distracted.  Bouncing from place to place.  All describe how I was acting/feeling earlier today.  Somehow Buddy could sense what I was going through (although it wasn't a huge stretch for him to see me acting like a chicken with her head cut off!) and he came over to me to nudge me and lead me toward the back door.  Yes, once again, my dog knew what was best for me - a bit of time outdoors - watching the birds and the squirrels - enjoying the sunshine on an unusually mild day.  It was exactly what my pinball-bouncing brain needed!  Yes, dogs know best :)  (Doris, I know you already know this :)
Today's Christmas tree ornament/gift tag was inspired by a video I saw on YouTube by Lisa Brown.  I loved the triangle box she created so I decided to alter the design and make a few different versions (I will be sharing another version with you tomorrow).  Inside this little box are some mini candy canes and on the back I stamped "to" and "from" so that the box can be attached to a gift as a gift tag and later hung on a tree.  The sentiment is from Petite Pairs.  I hope you like it!

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Anonymous said...

Adorable project! So glad Buddy has your back. He knows what you need. Hugs to you both!! Doris XOXO