Friday, January 24, 2014

A Perfect Ending To A Pretty Perfect Day!

I am sitting here on the couch on Thursday evening, smiling at the beautiful day I have had!  It began with waking up to about 4 inches of snow - so white and peaceful.  Out I went, early in the morning, to head to the gym for a morning swim.  I was part of a swim class led by my swim coach who I love!  We worked quite a bit on breathing today and I practiced the art of letting go and not tensing up so that I could take fewer breaths as I covered the length of the pool.  When I got home I checked my email and I had received a number of emails from the company that I do much of my contracting work for and they had me in tears!  The emails were sharing positive feedback from a client.  It felt so good to receive the recognition for my work!  The tears were tears of joy and relief and I was on Cloud 9!  Next I changed out of my gym clothes and Michael and I went to the Denver Art Museum to see the Passport to Paris exhibit!  I become quickly overwhelmed at museums - all of the visual stimulus and all of the people.  We did really well in spite of my tendency to get overwhelmed!  Our first great decision was to return the audio tour handheld devices after listening to the audio that accompanied the first two works of art.  I just couldn't get into having a voice in my ear as I tried to take in what was in front of me.  It just felt like a distraction.  I found it much more soothing to read the information provided alongside the art pieces and view the art in silence.  There was also an interactive drawing studio set up on the first floor that had some amazing photographs and quotes.  This one made me smile:
After the museum we went to City O' City - a restaurant that can easily accommodate my crazy dietary needs (vegan and gluten-free)!  They have a salad that I am a bit addicted to - I have actually dreamed about that salad (weird, I know!).  Mixed greens, avocado, candied nuts, tempeh with a yummy mustard dressing.  Yum!  They also have cookies that make my mouth water :)  We stopped at the library on the way home so I could pick up some books I had on hold and once we were home I went into the craft room to do a bit of straightening.  I worked on organizing my stencils while watching the movie Jane Eyre on tv (really enjoyed the movie - must go back and read the book)!  And now, here I am, after a hot shower, on the couch, eating a favorite dish and connecting with you!  A note about the favorite dish - if you follow my blog you may already know that I am addicted to O & C's premium balsamic vinegar of Modena!  It is amazing on just about anything and I love it on tomatoes (especially fresh garden tomatoes!  I had to settle for some store bought tomatoes tonight).  Another favorite item is the Sarah's Sea Salt - Mediterranean Salt by Coastal Goods!  It is great to sprinkle on so many things, including tomatoes!  The only thing that could have improved my tomatoes?  Fresh basil (but we didn't have any in the house and since I'm snuggled up on the couch, a ride to the store was not part of the plan :)  Yes, this is the perfect ending to a pretty perfect day!  Wishing you a weekend that is also pretty perfect wherever you are!!!!!!

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Lorraine said...

Looks and sounds delicious. Our weekend will be perfect for some warm soup and hopefully some creativity. I can hear the snow coming in the silence.