Monday, January 20, 2014

Pages In Progress...And A Puppy!

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  It's A Process
I sometimes look at posts on-line and think that behind the art work was a simple, easy process.  That somehow an artist sat down and everything just came to them and out popped the beautiful work of art!  Well, maybe that is the case for some people...I know it's not my process - at least not usually.  My art often comes out in fits and starts, bits and pieces.  I do a little bit, stand up, walk away...maybe walk away for a few minutes, hours, days, weeks, months...and yes, even years.  Often I only show my finished work on my blog.  Now I'm realizing that may give you the wrong impression.  My art doesn't come out completely, easily - it's a process - sometimes a struggle - sometimes an adventure.  So today I'm sharing part of my process.  Pages from my art journal that are in progress.  Some have been under construction longer than others.  Some have started to take shape from wiping off excess paint from a brush.  I am not sure where any of them are headed....but I do know it is a process - a journey - one that I am happy to take!
 ps  I also wanted to share a photo of the beautiful soul who is a part of my journey :)  Buddy was outside - laying on the flagstone - with his head propped up on the first patio step.  And yes, he was waiting for his walk :)


Lorraine said...

Love your works-in-progress. Are you cutting away larger pages to get those small ones in between or are they happily there for you already? Such a soulful look in your puppy's eyes - really shows the love.

Anonymous said...

Buddy has such a wise, loving face. I'm so glad you shared a photo of him. I love all your works in progress; I especially love the colours and lines in the 4th photo. If creating art was a simple, easy process, we'd all be Rembrandt. Talent can be developed and nurtured, but it takes more than a little courage and self-confidence to share one's artful journey in public. It's like singing solo in front of a mixed group of friends and strangers. That's also something I can't do (despite being a former chorister!) but I am so grateful you can, because I'm learning so much from you. Can't wait to see what you do with these pieces. Hugs to Buddy and Loki. XO --Doris