Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Info About My Art Journal

Today's Quote To Consider From The Craft Room:  Conversation allows us little room to revise our original utterances, which ill suits our tendency not to know what we are trying to say until we have had at least one go at saying it, whereas writing accommodates and is largely made up of rewriting, during which original thoughts - bare, inarticulate strands - are enriched and nuanced over time.  They may thereby appear on a page according to the logic and aesthetic order they demand, as opposed to suffering the distortion effected by conversation, with its limits on the corrections or additions one can make before enraging even the most patient companion." - Alain De Button
 I've been enjoying Alain De Button's book How Proust Can Save Your Life.  This quote had me nodding my head - saying YES!  YES!  That's how I feel about conversation!  I am definitely one of those "think it through as I'm speaking" kind of gals!  As I was typing the quote here, I also realized that this reflection on writing could also be true of art journaling.  Art journaling is an opportunity to think out loud - on the page - without suffering distortion or limits caused by an audience.  On an art journal page we can set down whatever we want and we can always go back and paint over it, stamp over it, write over it, collage over it...and keep going until we are satisfied that we have said what we need to in that moment.
Today I want to respond to Lorraine's question about the book I am using for my art journaling.  Specifically, Lorraine was curious about the smaller pages/inserts and wanted to know how they got there :)  Well, I created the entire book thanks to Donna Downey!  I watched a number of her Inspiration Wednesday videos and really liked the book she was working in and, it turns out, she made it!  She even created a video with instructions for how to make these "Inspiration Journals" and you can purchase access to the video here.  You can also buy a completed Inspiration Journal in her on-line store - in case you're not up for making your own.  The smaller pages/inserts are tags or other fun things you can recycle or pick up at an office supply store (such as time cards).  Here are the two journals I created - one bursting a bit at the seams and the other anxiously awaiting a beginning :)

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Lorraine said...

Thanks for the info Michelle. I understand now and think that adding those little pages is a stroke of genius. There's so much that can go on there. No limits!