Friday, May 09, 2014

A Remembrance and Newspaper Beads

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Finding Happiness In The Midst Of Sadness
I find that sadness creeps into my heart a bit when I travel.  Being away from home and my routine.  Those that I love.  I know that they are with me, even as I sit in a hotel room, and yet I want to be with them.  To hold them. Walk with them.  Watch them breathing.  Today I am reflecting on a different sadness as well.  The sadness that washed over me on this day back in 1986 when I learned that my father had died.  Maybe that's why the sadness comes to me when I travel.  Maybe it's drawn to me by fear.  The fear of not seeing those that I love again.  So as I sit in this hotel room (I am writing this on Thursday evening), I am trying to find happiness in the midst of my sadness.  Looking back on a project that I created back in 2010 to honor my relationship with my father.  And pulling out some glue, an embroidery needle, scissors and the newspaper that was left outside my door this morning.  Cutting some strips and creating a few newspaper beads.  Yes, I can find happiness in the midst of my sadness and I am comforted knowing that my next post will hopefully be written from the comfort of the craft room!  I hope you have a beautiful weekend surrounded by those you love!

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