Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hi! I'm bananas for you!!!! My mom created me today - she was leafing through a Crafts 'N Things magazine and saw a pillow with a sock monkey on it and she got all excited and ran like a crazy woman into the craft room to try to put me together. I'm so glad she did!

Once she put me together with punches and a bit of paper piecing for my hat (she made my fringe by cutting a strip of card stock and then making little cuts into the strip...then she sprayed it lightly with water and scrunched, scrunched, scrunched it), she couldn't find an appropriate greeting for my card so she carried me (again, running like a crazy woman) into the office to get on the computer and make a greeting. I suggested she type "let's monkey around," but she said that that would limit who she could send the card to :)

Hope you like me as much as I like me :) And don't forget, I'm bananas for YOU!!!!!

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