Sunday, March 29, 2009

Today's Lesson From Much Too Far Away From the Craft Room: Grow At Your Own Pace

This photo was taken last year, around this same time of year - as snow started to give way to Spring and all sorts of green started to push up through the dirt in the back yard. I'm on the road - in England - right now and am intrigued by the seasons and how London is experiencing the first signs of Spring as much as Denver is right now. Everything is starting to get green - there's an excitement in the air as plants come out of their resting places and start to grow. And so it is with us - a gradual growth process. It's funny how we use the expression "she is really green" when we are describing someone who is new at what they do - fresh, inexperienced. If anything, being green says something different to me. It says that we are willing to take a chance. To come out of that comfortable dark place in the ground and say, "I'm here!" We are saying that we are open to growth and learning.

I am also amazed at how some plants seem to appear overnight and others take their time, showing themselves, little by little. As it is with us, in different parts of our lives. We grow at different paces in different areas at different times in our lives. And so it is with what we create. Some things come to us quickly - others take shape more slowly. However it happens, let yourself grow at your own pace. A book I was reading described a tale of a farmer standing over the young shoots of his crop, trying to yank them up further out of the ground - trying to force them to grow. Of course, this was not successful. The plants were going to grow at their own pace. And trying to hurry them was not going to help them or the farmer.

Today, allow yourself to grow at your own pace. Recognize there is a perfect rhythm to your growth and it will all happen when it is meant to.

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