Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Today's Lesson From Much Too Far Away From The Craft Room: There Is So Much To Learn!

As I travel and meet people from all around the world, I am once again amazed by how much there is to learn from one another! On the weekend I was having a discussion with a man from France about the expression "you're welcome" and how this did not seem to make logical sense to him since "welcome" means "hello." I had never even considered this! Today a group of women were talking about German culture and the value that the German culture has traditionally placed on women being at home to raise the children and how school is only in the morning for children. I also learned how incredibly expensive child care is in Germany because traditionally, this was not a service that was used a lot so there were few babysitters and they are quite expensive. I realize that I would never have heard about any of this if I wasn't curious and if I never left my own home. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn about how life is seen and lived by people from different places than my own. If you get a chance to talk with someone from another culture or another place, I encourage you to talk to them about their view of life and the world and to share your own. There is so much to learn from one another!

I made this simple card awhile back. I used a number of different thank you stamps and stamped them on whisper white card stock. I also stamped them on sahara sand and then tore the edge and added a ribbon. The greeting was made with oval punches. Thanks for looking!

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