Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Today's Lesson From Much Too Far Away From The Craft Room: Wake Up And Smile!

Today I am starting my day with a big smile! It is not because I'm about to work all day. It is because I have awoken to another day. And, I have to admit, because I fly closer to home tomorrow - the return journey will begin...although there will be one more stop along the way. No matter what your reason, today, wake up and smile! It will set the entire mood for your day!

This card set is another set that I made for a friend to give as a gift. In the upper right-hand corner you will see the "folder" that holds all of the cards and then all of the other cards and matching envelopes fit neatly inside. I love the color combination of black, pink and white - it's fun and elegant at the same time! Enjoy....and don't forget to wake up and smile :)

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