Thursday, April 02, 2009

Today's Lesson From Much Too Far Away From The Craft Room: Take Care Of You!!!

I am finally back in the United States, but still not back in the craft room. I flew in from London and am absolutely exhausted. My trip finally caught up with me - as these trips always seem to do. My throat starting bothering me last night and my voice is fading a bit today. By now you would think I would have taken my own lesson to heart - that we each need to take care of ourselves. Somehow I don't care for myself as well as I could and my body reacts and let's me know that it's not happy. So tonight I am finally going to turn off this computer and go to bed (and will hope to sleep for at least 10 hours!). Hopefully if I start taking care of myself now my body will recognize that I am finally ready to listen. My hope is that next time I will be open to listening when the sounds of being tired start to whisper quietly to me. So, don't forget, take care of you - after all, you are the only you you've got! :)

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Lorraine said...

Beautiful card. Hope you feel better soon!