Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room: You Never Know Where Something Has Been

This lesson sounds like something my mom used to tell me when I would pick something up off the ground and want to keep it! But I digress...Have you seen the movie The Red Violin? It is a wonderful movie about an antique violin. The movie traces the story of the violin - where it has been over time, who has "owned the violin" - a peek into the past of an inanimate object. So often in life, however, we do not know where something has been, and instead, we base our judgments on what we see - we make assumptions without knowing the history behind what we see...

So let me share a secret...the background on this card was another card! It was my first attempt at today's challenge. An attempt that got me frustrated - I almost posted it with a lesson about "loving ugly!" But then my creative process got the best of me and I tore the card up (you probably can't even see the inspired by nature flower stamp with the white dots all over it and the sponged blue circle with the sponged coral background...). The torn pieces got put back together to be the back of a garden green card...which I then decided didn't look good, but would work better as a background piece on a ballet blue card. And so, what you see in front of you is a finished product that I am quite proud of...and part of my pride is the history behind what you see. The other part of my pride is that I stuck with it and didn't let the "ugly" get me down :)

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