Monday, August 31, 2009

Today's Lesson From Oh So Far Away From The Craft Room...well, actually Houston, but it feels really far away: Approach What Lies Ahead With Open Arms

Today is my last day as a full-time employee at my company! In just 3 short hours I will go from being a full-time employee to being a contractor. As I begin this transition into the unknown, I pray that my arms remain wide open as I await what the Universe has in store for me. I know that growth comes from a willingness to move into the unknown - to stretch myself in ways that I haven't stretched myself before. I don't know what this new journey will bring, although I expect I will grow and learn a lot - something I look forward to. Thank you for sharing this journey with me! I'll see you back in the craft room later this week - I can't wait!!!!!

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