Saturday, September 05, 2009

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room: Sometimes It's Wonderful To Break A Habit!

I have a pretty set routine every morning that goes something like this: get up, shower, give the cat fresh water, check email, walk the dog, feed the birds, water the garden, feed the get the idea. This morning I was waiting for the roofer to arrive so I wasn't able to follow my usual routine. I got to the check email part and then realized that I needed to wait for the roofer before I could go walk the dog. So, I switched things up and went about doing other chores and I must say, there was something refreshing about changing my habit and trying something different. Kind of reminds me of my camp days when we would have "backwards day" and you got to do everything backwards - walk backwards, put your clothes on backwards, eat dessert first. So today, see if there's a habit you can break - you may just like it!

I have been really anxious to try this faux leather technique and I finally got around to it! I thought the faux leather would look great on a little notebook. The word "notes" was created with rub-ons that I picked up at an office supply store. Of course, the notebook was created using my bind-it-all (I am still loving that machine!). Hope you like it!!!!

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