Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Butterfly Mirror

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Change Your Routine

I have gotten into what I consider to be a bad habit.  Every morning I begin my day by feeding Willow and then sitting down at my computer and checking a few websites.  I've decided that not only is sitting in front of the computer a "downer" way to start my day, the other issue is the sites that I check - in particular cnn.com.  I'm not sure what news I think I'm going to miss.  What I do know is that seeing all of those stories about who has died and who has killed and who has gone missing does not set me up for a positive and creative day.  If anything, it drains my energy and makes me depressed.  So today I decided to change my routine.  After feeding Willow I went outside in the snow to fill up the bird feeders and then I sat down on the porch, with Buddy by my side, and watched the magpies swoop and land in the yard to eat the fresh peanuts and seed.  I have to say, this was a much better way to start the day :)  Now it is almost noon and I find that I had the energy to go into the craft room and create this frame - the idea came to me while walking Buddy this morning.  I am now in front of the computer...and am still following through with not checking on the news :)  Hopefully I can hold out for the entire day :)

This frame was so easy to make!  I am experimenting with additional gift-giving ideas for my upcoming gift-giving workshop.  I have a feeling this might make it into the finals :)  I used craft foil and the SU! exclusive Butterfly die in my Big Shot.  I also used SU!'s embossing folders to emboss the foil.  I love how this turned out - I've already hung it in the house!  I hope you like it!!!

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