Friday, November 20, 2009

Pennant Die Christmas Tree

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  You Never Know Who You Will Touch

I volunteer for the Audio Information Network of Colorado.  It is a reading service for the visually impaired here in Colorado.  I read two different programs and have been reading for a number of years.  I record the programs at home, on my computer, and then send the electronic files in to AINC, where the recording is then magically transformed so that listeners all over the state can tune in.  Last weekend I went to the volunteer appreciation brunch and I was really amazed when one of the speakers indicated that there are over 20,000 listeners across the state!  Sitting here, in the privacy of my home, doing the recordings, it is hard to remember how many people might be touched by the minutes I spend recording.  I have the same thought about this blog - is anyone out there?  Who am I touching?  There are so many blogs that I like to check out on a daily, weekly or every-once-in-awhile basis and I know how inspired and uplifted I feel when I make those rounds.  I hope that something I have posted or written has inspired or uplifted you in some way!  Just knowing you may be out there keeps me going! :)  Whatever it is that you are doing in service of what you love - don't worry if you don't think anyone is watching.  Trust me - someone is out there and you are making a huge difference in the lives of people you may never know!

I saw a tree made from the large pennant die on one of my recent blog tours.  I decided to try making one with the small pennant die and added a bunch of "bling" for ornaments.  Hope you like it!!!!

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