Monday, November 16, 2009

Coaster Calendar

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Your Mind Continues To Create, Even When You Are Sleeping!

I have finally been catching up on my sleep and sleeping peacefully since I am at home and not jumping on another airplane in the near future.  I'm finding that my dreams have become much more peaceful and fun, as opposed to stressful and troubling.  This morning I almost woke up laughing because in my dream, my mind had created a joke!  That's never happened to me before!  Of course, you will likely not find the joke funny...but I will share it with you anyway since I am really amazed at the ability of the mind to create, even when we are sleeping.  Here goes...What did the kidney bean say to the lentils?  You're a dahl!  (a little vegetarian humor...for those of you who aren't laughing yet, "dahl" is an Indian lentil stew)...are you laughing yet? :)  Somehow my mind put this together in my sleep - who knows what I'm in store for tonight!

Today's project is a cute little coaster calendar that you can set on your desk.  These make great teacher/friend gifts!  This will be one of the options at my upcoming Gift Giving Workshop.  Hope you like it!

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