Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Stamped Tile Trivets

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Give It Time, It Will Grow On You!

I began making these trivets yesterday.  I pulled out a retired SU! stamp set that I thought would look quite beautiful on the trivets and began stamping away.  I made the olive one first.  Once the solid image was stamped I stamped the line art image and thought "ugh - that doesn't look too great."  But then I kept staring at it and it began to grow on me...and it grew on me so much that I decided to stamp 3 more in different bright colors!  Then Michael came home and when he walked by the craft room and saw them he said, "WOW!  Those are great!"  It's funny how my first reaction was "ugh" and his first reaction was "WOW!"  Yet, once I gave it a little time, my "ugh" turned into a "wow!"  I wonder how often that happens in life - where our first reaction to something isn't too great, but if we give it some time, our impression changes.  I used to believe that my first impressions were always right - now I'm a firm believer that with time, some things can grow on you :)

These tiles are 6"x6" and are perfect to use as trivets.  I love how you can use one for smaller dishes, or put all 4 together for larger hot dishes.  These will definitely be a part of my upcoming gift-giving workshop!  I can't wait to make them to give as gifts!  Hope you like them!

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