Friday, February 12, 2010

So Sweet!

I woke up this morning to a message from my friend, fellow blogger and amazing crafter, Judi!  She had passed along a blog award to me (you can see the cupcake in the left-hand column)!!!!  This is my first blog award ever!  Thank you Judi!!!!!  You can stop by Judi's blog HERE.  I am to list 10 of my favorite things and then share this award with 2 other people.  Here are my favorite's hard to just list 10!

1.  Sharing my life with Michael
2.  Sharing my life with my amazing four-legged family members!
3.  Waking up to such sweet surprises as this morning
4.  Being given the gift of a new day
5.  Have such precious and amazing friends
6.  The opportunity and gift of creativity
7.  Balsamic vinegar from O&C...along with other favorite foods
8.  Watching the birds, squirrels and fox in the backyard
9.  The beauty of nature
10.  The sound of silence

I'll be back later today to let you know who I'm passing the award on to!  Hope you have a sweet day!

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