Tuesday, June 22, 2010

CD Envelope Scrapbook - A Look Inside

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Give Your Body What It Needs

Running has become quite the journey for me.  I have been keeping a bit of a journal to document how my body feels during and after my runs.  It amazes me what your body tries to tell you - if only you'll listen :)  A week ago I went for a long run and felt terrible afterwards.  My body went on strike!  I was sick for an entire day after that run.  I mentioned this to a friend who is a trainer at a gym and he said that my body was probably trying to tell me it needed fuel.  I usually run first thing in the morning - so, in effect, I am running when my body has been fasting all night while I've been sleeping.  I usually don't eat anything before heading out the door.  This weekend that changed.  I decided, instead, to eat some oatmeal and peanut butter before heading out.  Wow!  What a difference some fuel can make!  Listen to your body - it is trying to tell you exactly what you need!

Here are the beginning pages of the CD Envelope scrapbook that we'll be making at this month's stamp-a-stack!  I am loving these vibrant colors!  I snuck in some So Tweet on board chipboard.  I covered some of the pieces with paper and sponged the legs with Early Espresso ink (loving this new color!).  It's a bit difficult to see, but these CD envelopes have great little pockets to insert pages in and slide things out of!  I'll share a few more pages with you tomorrow!  Hope you like it!

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