Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Shower Curtain Waste Window Card

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Use Odd Leftovers In Interesting Ways!
We have a claw-foot tub in our bathroom and it has one of those old-fashioned oval curtain rods circling it.  We have to use 2 shower curtain liners to enclose the entire tub/shower.  Of course, our shower curtain rod hangs a bit low, so we are always having to cut off the bottom of the liners so that they will fit properly into the tub...is this too much information, or what?! :)  Anyways, that leaves us with some leftover plastic that usually also has some magnets encased in it to help the liner hang properly in the shower.  We used to throw these odd leftovers in the garbage....not anymore!!!!!  I cut the magnets out of the liner to use on other projects and today I decided to try getting creative with the plastic liner material!  I must say that the sewing machine and the liner were not getting along too well...but they seemed to be willing to work together enough for me to finish this card and have it look presentable :)
I cut out a small square of the liner material and used the sewing machine to sew down three of the four sides (and yes, it liked to crinkle and push itself all over...I'm sure a part of that has to do with operator ignorance when it comes to sewing this type of material...I'll have to keep working on it)!  I then punched out hearts using the heart small punch and the small heart on the heart to heart extra large punch.  I punched them out in Regal Rose and Rose Red card stock.  I then placed them in the liner pocket and sewed up the final edge.  The greeting is a combination of "love" and "you" from the Fabulous Phrases stamp set.  I hope you like it!  What odd leftovers can you incorporate into your cards?????

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