Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Yippeeee! My Cards Are Sending Love To People I Don't Know!

I sell my cards at a local antique store and the progress has been like a dripping faucet.  First, the faucet dripped every once in awhile - like once a month or so.  Then this month, the faucet sprung a leak!!!!!  A few weeks ago about 10 cards sold and today I learned that 14 cards were sold to one person!!!!!!  I am sharing this with you because my hope is to inspire you to get your cards out there!  Sometimes I look at my cards and wonder if anyone else would appreciate them - putting yourself out there can feel risky.  Well heck - everything we do in life has risks...so go for it!!!!!  It's wonderful to know that somewhere out there someone I don't know is going to receive a card I made.  I truly believe we put our hearts into what we create.  This gives me one more way to get my love out there! :)

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