Wednesday, May 04, 2011

CitraSolv Transfer Together Card

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Unclutter
Is unclutter a word?  Or is it de-clutter?  Either way, I know it's something that I continually struggle with!  Some people are really good at letting go of things.  For some reason, it's one of those tough things for me to do.  No, I'm not someone who can be featured on the show Hoarders (and I really do feel so sorry for those individuals that have such a difficult time releasing things) and, at the same time, the psychological impact that clutter has on me is definitely not a positive one!  There are two spaces in particular that seem to get out of hand very quickly for me - the craft room and my office.  The office becomes a mass of pieces of paper everywhere - piles of paper, receipts, sticky notes.  The craft room gets overwhelmed at times by new supplies, remainders from completed projects, projects in process.  I know that some people work comfortably in the clutter around them.  I find that it just stimulates my inner critic to start telling me how cluttered my spaces are and I am so tired of that never-ending voice.  So I have begun to unclutter and I am doing my best to be supportive of myself in the process.  I know it will be a process and not an instant occurrence.  What I do know so far is that with each small step I am feeling better - lighter - more free.  My goal is to clean my space and clean my mind of the clutter of the messages of that inner critic!  Wish me luck!!!! :)
Today's card was also an attempt to unclutter - just simple ink and card stock.  The profile is of my wonderful companion, Buddy!  I decided to try transferring a laser printed image of him using Citra-Solv.  There are quite a few videos on how to do CitraSolv transfers on YouTube.  I found this video HERE particularly useful!  If you try this technique, you may want to do it outside - this stuff has a very strong citrus odor...the odor will eventually leave the card stock - it just takes a few days.  I transferred Buddy's image and then added the greeting from Define Your Life in Basic Black ink.  I hope you like it! :)  You will likely be seeing some more of these transfers soon!

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