Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Change Is In The Air!

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  A Change Is Gonna Do Me Good!
No, your not seeing things.  That's not a card in the photo.  That's my first attempt at making my own veggie burger :)  I have been making a few changes in my life lately and this burger is a part of it.  For many years I have been a vegetarian - eating eggs and cheese, but staying away from anything with a face or a mom.  Well, my cholesterol levels have never made me happy and I began to worry that I was headed toward needing some type of medication at some point in my future.  It seems that high cholesterol runs in my family and I decided it was time to do something healthy about it.  So, I bought a copy of Dr. Esselstyn's book, Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease and read it.  Wow!  I was incredibly impacted by the book and immediately decided that it was the program for me.  So, for about a month now, I have adopted a vegan diet with no vegetable oil.  It was hard to give up my olive oil - I was quite the addict.  However, now that I am a month into it, I find that I really don't miss it!  I am excited to continue to eat well and treat my body with respect.  I will go back to the doctor in about 2 months to get blood work done again and that will be the true test - to see what the levels are.  I will definitely keep you posted!  I also began another change today - I did my first P90X workout!  A girlfriend had purchased the exercise program and found that she didn't use it, so she lent it to me.  Well, it sat gathering dust for a few months and I finally decided the time was right.  I may be sore tomorrow, but I got through workout number 1 and I am ready to attack workout #2.  Yes, I do believe, a change is gonna do me good!  As the seasons change, what changes can you make for the better in your own life?
 Ooh - had to share this photo with you too.  I made this cake Sunday night and it was AMAZING!  Moist, lemony!  Hard to believe there was no shortening in it!  The cake recipe and the veggie burger recipe are both from the Esselstyn book.  So far, so yummy :)  Sorry there is no card today - just wanted to share all the change I'm going through and figured changing up my post for the day fit with the theme :)  I plan to be back tomorrow with more creative inspiration!!!! :)

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Lorraine said...

Kudos to you for improving your life in such a way. I hope you get the results that you are looking for. That cake looks like a delightful treat.