Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Inked Dryer Sheet Background

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Admire A Garden
Have you ever just stopped and taken in the beauty of a garden?  The garden may be a small pot with a few flowers, or acres covered in plants and blooms.  Whatever garden you see before you, stop and take in the beauty.  I am always amazed by how many shapes, sizes and colors nature offers up to us.  There are two gardens that really touch me every time Buddy and I walk by.  One is on a very large lot - it is filled with many different types of irises.  We often stop at the chain link fence and look beyond at the flowers - each section has a little sign indicated what type of iris is planted there.  They bloom at different times and are so outstandingly gorgeous!  Some days we walk by and there will be piles of debris from the garden waiting to be picked up on garbage/compost day.  In all the times we've walked by, we have never seen the person or people that tend this gorgeous garden.  I'm beginning to think it's tended by tiny fairies that come out at night when no one can see :)  The other garden is on a street that Buddy and I frequent.  It's in the front yard of a house and the garden is filled with so many different flowers.  It is so easy to see the love of the gardener in this landscape!  The other day Buddy and I had the pleasure of seeing the man who tends this lovely garden.  We stopped and told him how much we love his garden and that it captures our attention every time we walk by.  We thanked him for creating such a beautiful setting for our morning walk :)  When was the last time you admired a garden?  Maybe the perfect time is now :)
I have been having a lot of fun repurposing dryer sheets for a series I am creating for Paper Crafter's Library!  I created the background on this card using a direct-to-dryer sheet ink technique and added some dazzling diamonds for sparkle!  I hope you like it! :)

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Lorraine said...

We used to go down to New Castle, Delaware for a "secret garden" tour and I loved finding the little surprises that some of the gardeners had hidden amongst their beautiful flowers. You can see the love in their work and I can see that you love your work too in this card - what a stunner!