Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Out On A Whim Wednesday: Repurposed Dryer Sheet Barrette

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Be A Good Neighbor
We had our neighbors over for dinner last Wednesday night.  We had originally planned to eat outdoors, but the threat of rain drove us inside - although the grilling still happened outside :)  Our neighbors have two little dogs that are very close friends with Buddy.  Usually we all walk to the park together.  However, on Wednesday night, because it was a bit cooler and because their little dogs aren't too happy with rain, they decided to not go on the walk.  They returned home and we headed out on our walk.  Well, halfway through the walk the rain decided to pour and to mix things up with some hail too!  The lightening seemed to be getting closer by the minute and we were getting drenched (although Buddy seemed perfectly content with all of it...and so were we).  As we turned back onto our street, a car pulled up beside us.  It was our neighbor Ann.  She had been at home and noticed that the weather turned a bit more insistent, so she figured she would get in her car and find us on our walk to see if we wanted a ride home :)  Talk about an amazing neighbor!!!!!!  We are so very fortunate to know Ann and her husband.  People who think well beyond themselves and consider the needs of others.  We are blessed.  We turned down the ride home - we were almost back to our driveway and were actually enjoying the rain.  We thanked her and we all headed for home.  What can we each do to be a good neighbor?
This is a project I created as a Designer/Educator for Paper Crafter's Library.  It is a floral barrette.  I created the flower from a used dryer sheet!  I love recycling!!!! :)  If you start to play around with repurposing dryer sheets, please remember to work in a well-ventilated are or outside when you apply heat to them!  I set off all of the smoke detectors in my house and it is not something you want to do!!!!

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