Friday, April 05, 2013

Just Believe and Pursuit of Happiness Mini Book

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  I'm Learning More And More That It's The Inside That Counts
What you write inside a card or journal.  What you fill your home with.  The kind of person you are on the inside.  As I walk Buddy in the morning, I stare at homes and, at times, wish I could just move into a different one.  Of course, I pause and ask myself "Why?"  And the answer is always the same - I think that inside each one of those beautiful homes is a huge empty space - no clutter, no signs of life, just wide open space that you can breathe in.  Yes, I know, I'm delirious!  Each of those homes likely is filled with all kinds of stuff and all kinds of people and even if I did find one that was a big empty space, I have no doubt I would fall prey to filling it with all the stuff I wouldn't have the time or patience to sort through before moving!  I know that beneath all the clutter that I have created there is a gorgeous home waiting for me right here!  In this very office where I am typing this post - somewhere beneath all the papers, books, computer cords and knick knacks, there are some beautiful walls and a gorgeous wood floor.  Hmmm, maybe my home is like someone who is trapped in a heavy body.  Knowing inside that if my home could just lose the weight, it would be free and flowing and exploding with possibility!  I wonder if I could figure out a weight-loss regimen for my house?  Where do I begin?  Ah - the same as I would begin if I were dealing with body weight - start to become conscious of what I am putting in my body...start to become conscious of what I am bringing into my house.  Then I can start figuring out how to exercise - how to discipline myself to take this stuff and truly give it a workOUT!!!!!  Yes, I'm learning more and more that it's what's on the inside that really counts and I'm really to take a long hard look at that and keep working on it!  Wish me luck!!!
I decided to create another little mini book - this time using Basic Grey card stock and some silver glimmer paper!  I ran a small strip of the card stock through the Big Shot with the Chevron embossing folder to create some texture.  Next, I stamped the floral image from Just Believe and cut it out and added a bit of dazzling diamonds.  I am coming to the conclusion that I enjoy dazzling diamonds more than dazzling details because it dries more quickly with the use of 2-way glue.  I then punched out three butterflies from the Creped Filter paper.  Some punches work better than others - this one seemed to do okay and I like how this looks layered.  I just glued the three together in the center and glued it to the front of the mini book before adding the adhesive rhinestones.  The sentiment is from Pursuit of Happiness.  My next mini book is going to be one suggested by my friend Helen - a mini book to keep track of my journey with clutter!  Thanks for the idea Helen!  Hopefully I will create it over the weekend and be able to share it with you all next week!  Maybe I can even get my act together and create a video on how I've been making these mini books so that you can make one for yourself too!  Have a beautiful weekend!!!!!

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TiaraHelen said...

So glad you like the idea of a de-clutter journal! I hope it works for you.

And I absolutely love that little crepe paper butterfly - so ethereal and soft...

Of course what you really need is a personal de-clutter coach\assistant. If only I could I would love to volunteer!!!!!!