Thursday, March 27, 2014

ENOUGH Art Journal Page

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  When You Are Stressed, Just Pick Up Some Color And Put It Down
I allow myself to get stressed sometimes...well maybe "sometimes" is an understatement.  I am learning how to adjust my thoughts so that I don't go down the dark stress hole as often as I do.  Part of staying out of the dark stress hole was choosing the word "enough" as my mantra word for this year.  I am enough.  I have enough.  I am doing enough.  I have had enough :)  So today I thought I would share my ENOUGH art journal page that I created for Paper Crafter's Library.  If you are a member of Paper Crafter's Library you can view videos that will provide the step-by-step details of how I created the page.  You can learn more about Paper Crafter's Library by clicking on the Paper Crafter's Library icon on my sidebar on the right.  Or, you can just pick up some color and put it down on a page and begin to explore creating your own page in your own way.  I did that today as well.  Found myself feeling a bit stressed about the disaster that is my craft room.  So I began to move stuff off of the main table and once a space was cleared I decided that I should alleviate the stress by creating something v. spending the entire evening cleaning up :)  I know - it's a bit circular if the mess makes me stressed...but somehow just creating something - anything - alleviates my stress - distracts my mind - lets my intuition take over.  So I just painted a piece of dry wax paper (deli paper) and it will turn into something at some point - perhaps the background for an art journal page, or get cut up and placed into a collage, or made into a roll of art tape.  For now it is just my art therapy :)  I highly recommend the experience! :)

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