Monday, January 26, 2009

Tonight's Lesson from the Craft Room: One stamper's trash is another stamper's treasure :) (Well, in this case it's the same stamper...)

Today I learned how to use my sewing machine! Yeah!!! Of course that also means that every piece of paper is now calling out to me to be sewn on! And so one piece of what might have been "trash" became a "treasure." I took a piece of kiwi kiss card stock that I had run through my sizzix and used the negative image to sew and play! So watch your trash, there might be buried treasure in there!

Hope you enjoy!

ps I went to the doctor today and turns out I have bronchitis :( So I'm now on antibiotics and taking things very slowly. Just running out to the doctor and the pharmacy was enough to wear me out. I am so grateful for the craft room - it is a place where my mind and body can rest and be joyful at the same time. Just what the doctor ordered!

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